Inspirational Quote Decals

In the 2018-2019 school year, Schwenksville Elementary School implemented a school-wide Positive Behavior System to encourage kindness and promote a happy learning environment. As part of this initiative, art teacher Jill Seitz reached out to Perkiomen Valley School District Foundation for Inspirational Quote Decals to be added to student bathroom stalls.


Currently, the main lobby bathrooms are uninteresting an monotonous color gray. The goal is to use these doors and place positive, inspirational quotes that can bring joy and encouragement to our students’ day. While most school places are beautified with projects, bathrooms are typically overlooked. Thus, there is no funding from traditional sources for any project that might make the bathrooms a happier place. With the help of the Foundation, Seitz was able to bring some joy and inspiration to the bathrooms to bring positivity in a place students don’t typically expect it.

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Teachers don’t always have access to materials, technology, and other resources that can make the difference between a lesson forgotten the next day and one that lasts beyond graduation. That’s where you come in. Your contribution to the PVSD Foundation helps ensure that the Foundation can continue to support teachers in delivering enriching educational opportunities for all students when tax dollars and traditional revenue streams fall short.

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