Perkiomen Valley School District’s Dodgeball Tournament, presented by CM3 Building Solutions, is a highly anticipated event for elementary and middle school-aged kids in the Perkiomen Valley School District. Students look forward to creating a team name and unique uniform to display at the event while hoping to make it to the championship game at the end. In 2022, we had 67 teams compete in the event.

2023 Event Information:

Date: Saturday, March 4th (Inclement Weather Date: Sunday, March 5)

Time: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Doors open at 11:00 am.

*Exact times will be sent to participating teams. Event times will be based on the number of sign-ups, divisions, etc.

Location: Perkiomen Valley High School (509 Gravel Pike, Collegeville, PA 19426) – Competition & Auxillary Gymnasiums

COVID-19 Information: The Foundation will follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC and Perkiomen Valley School District at the time of the event.


Registration is now open and will remain open until Friday, February 3, 2023. Register here.

Registration for the team is $175, due at registration. *New this year* there will be an option to upgrade your team’s tees to dri-fit for $25 (for a total of $200), due at registration. We will not be able to mix and match tee options, so please ensure you select the right option for your team.

When registering, please be prepared with the team name and information for each team member (10 max). You will need the following information for each team member:

  • name (first and last)
  • parent/guardian email address
  • school
  • grade
  • and shirt size


EVERY PLAYER must have a completed waiver. Each player’s parent/guardian must fill out a waiver. Waivers can be completed before registration.

If a player does not have a completed waiver, they will not be able to participate in our Dodgeball Tournament.

Click here to complete a waiver.


Teams are made up of 6-10 players and may be co-ed. Students should be in grades K-8. Team name and uniform are encouraged. Please note: At least 70% of your team members must be PV residents. Teams will compete in age-appropriate divisions.

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Best Dressed,
  • Best Team Name,
  • First Place Teams per Division,
  • *NEW this year* Top 3 Fundraising Teams

To support a team with an online donation, click here.


  • The game begins with three balls to the left and right of the centerline. Six (6) players stand on their backcourt line. Balls to the left belong to your team and can be retrieved when the whistle blows, signaling the start of the contest.
  • Players that cross the centerline are eliminated from the game.
  • You cannot hold the ball for longer than 5 seconds. This violation results in the loss of possession of all team balls. You cannot stop a ball with a ball (by holding it); this will count as a direct hit and will eliminate the player.
  • A player is eliminated if they are hit with a ball below the neck (ducking eliminates this rule).
  • The ball is dead once it touches the floor.
  • Suppose a teammate catches an opposing player’s throw. In that case, the opposing player is eliminated, and one teammate who was eliminated can return to the game. The first player eliminated returns first.
  • Intentional delay of the game will result in loss of possession of all team balls
  • All referee decisions are final, and the referee will determine any rule not covered above.
  • No plays or games will be replayed due to a referee’s call being interpreted as a bad call.

The first team to eliminate the opposing team wins. If neither team has been eliminated after regulation time (5 minutes), the team with more remaining players wins. If an equal number of players remain after regulation time, a sudden death period will decide the winner. Six shooters each have one ball to throw at one defender (30 seconds maximum time limit). The number of hits is recorded, the roles are reversed. The team with the most hits will be declared the winner.


Thank you for your interest in supporting our biggest fundraiser of the year – our Dodgeball Tournament! Students look forward to participating and creating their unique team names and uniforms each year. At the event, teams compete to see who is the best of the best on the court.

Stay tuned for our 2024 Sponsorship Information.

PVSDF is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to encourage excellence by enhancing and enriching the educational opportunities offered to the Perkiomen Valley School District students. Our mission is to provide funding for programs and projects that would not otherwise be available through tax dollars or other traditional sources.



Each team will have the opportunity to do additional fundraising. Although fundraising won’t affect your standing in the Dodgeball Tournament, we will award the top three fundraising teams!

After registering a team, the person who registered the team will get an email with the link to their team’s fundraising page. Share this link far and wide with folks who want to support your team. To support a team with an online donation, click here.

If someone would prefer to donate cash or check, please make your check or money order payable to Perkiomen Valley School District Foundation. Please include the dodgeballer/team you would like to support and “Dodgeball” in the memo line or a note accompanying the check.


Donations can be mailed to the following address:

Perkiomen Valley School District Foundation

c/o Dodgeball

3 Iron Bridge Drive

Collegeville, PA 19426


Thank you much for supporting educational opportunities!

Past Winners:

  • Best Team Dress: ??? Stay Tuned!
  • Best Name: Mother Duckers
  • Top Fundraisers (top 3):
    • Daj Debalz
    • Little Dodgers
    • The Griddy Gang
  • Mini Division: Daj Mabals
  • Minor Division: The Loose Cannons
  • Medium Division: Balls to the Jaws
  • Major Division: Mother Duckers
  • Best Team Dress: BALL-erinas
  • Best Name: Can’t Dodge This
  • *NEW* Most Raised: The Cheeseballz
  • Minor Division: Throwbocops
  • Medium Division: Untouchaballs
  • Major Division: Viking Ballers
  • Photos
  • Best Team Dress: CEOs of Dodgeball
  • Best Name: Game is Throws
  • Mini Division: Team Venom
  • Minor Division: Disco Derby Dodgers
  • Medium Division: Ball of Duty
  • Major Division: Philly Philly
  • Photos

Can you find my son/daughter a team?

Unfortunately, no. We ask that you enter the Dodgeball Tournament as a team. If you are looking for a team, we suggest posting on our Facebook Event Page or your school’s respective parent’s page or Home and School page.

I need to add a child to my team; how do I do that?

Please email us at with the following information: team name, child’s name (first and last), the adult responsible for child’s email, school, grade, and shirt size. Please note if a switch is made after February 3, 2023, we might not be able to provide a t-shirt for the new team mate.

I need to subtract a child from the team; how do I do that?

Email us at with the team name and the child that needs to be removed.

One of our teammates can’t attend anymore. Can I make a switch to the team?

Yes! Email us at with the team name, the child who needs to be removed, and the following for the child who should be added to the team: the child’s name (first and last), the adult responsible for the child’s email, school, grade, and shirt size. Please note if a switch is made after February 3, 2023, we might not be able to provide a t-shirt for the new team mate.

How many divisions are there? What grade levels will play together?

We don’t know how many divisions there are or which grade levels will play together until registration closes. Divisions and brackets are based on the most natural divide of the teams and their grade level, based on the highest grade on the team.

What size balls do you use?

We use 6″ foam dodgeballs for the event.

Thank you to our 2023 Dodgeball Sponsors! 

Our Dodgeball sponsors make this event possible. Thank you for helping enhance educational opportunities within Perkiomen Valley School District!