Disc Golf Course

In the Fall 2020 grant round, the Foundation approved $6,285 to Melissa Burg and Matt Weygand to implement a 9-hole Disc Golf Course at Middle School West. The installation was delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but Middle School West launched its Disc Golf Unit as part of the Physical Education curriculum in the fall of 2021. In addition to it being a part of the PE curriculum, a staff member started an after-school club!

During the beginning of the school year, Burg and Weygand introduced the course layout and the basics of play, etiquette, terminology, and the different equipment used for various shots to all sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders at Middle School West. Disc golf vocabulary included driver, putter, par, birdie, bogey, hazards, tee box, target (basket), “who is away” to determine the order of play, and “hole in one.”  The students may play with others competitively or compete against themselves, focusing on improving their abilities and scores.

Burg and Weygand were interested in pursuing a new activity for the entire student body. Looking at the beautiful setting and available space at Middle School West, Burg and Weygand mapped out a disc golf beginner/intermediate course. Disc golf is similar to real golf in that the students count strokes and disc tosses to a designated target. It is an all-inclusive sport for every student no matter their physical and/or mental ability. Every skill level is able to play together. Disc golf is also a cognitive sport that utilizes the mental processes involving visualization, planning, spatial judging, and problem-solving using disc flight paths that can be done individually or as pairs/groups.

Did you know you can check out the Disc Golf Course on West’s campus? It’s an accessible activity for the Perkiomen Valley community and is available in the evening (unless a sporting event is taking place), on weekends, and in the summer when students are not in the building. The game incorporates the philosophies that we should all incorporate as members of a great community. Students and community members can learn to live a healthy and active lifetime sport, friendly competition, common courtesy, respect for each other and our abilities, and the activity as a whole. Make sure you plan a trip to Middle School West. And don’t forget your frisbee!

What’s next?

Now that Middle School West has had some time with the Disc Golf Course, they plan on progressing with scorecards and improving the pace of play so students may play all nine holes in a class period.

In the future, Burg and Weygand hope to expand the current 9-hole disc golf course to an 18-hole disc golf course.

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