Grants: 2023-2024

Perkiomen Valley School District Foundation will accept grants from Monday, January 1, 2024, through Monday, February 12, 2024.

The application will consist of a written and brief presentation to the Foundation Board.

Applicants should discuss their grant with their principal before applying. The application will be forwarded to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent if approved. The Office of the Assistant Superintendent will review the application. If approved, the application will be presented to the Foundation for a presentation at their Wednesday, March 26th meeting.  If the application is not approved, the requester(s) will be notified via email about why it was denied.

The Foundation will conduct a final review and consideration at their Tuesday, May 7th meeting and let the requester(s) know of a decision within three (3) business days of the Board Meeting.

The application will consist of a written application and an in-person presentation at the May Board meeting. Below are the questions asked in the written application.

Applicant Contact Information

  • Name (First & Last)
  • School Name
  • Department
  • School Phone
  • School Email

Proposal Information

  • Proposal Title
  • Subject Area
  • Number of Students Impacted
  • Grade Level(s) Impacted
  • Grant Request Amount
  • Is the applicant seeking to replicate an existing project or initiative? Yes/No
  • Does the proposal seek to increase equity in programs or opportunities among buildings in PVSD? Yes/No
  • Please describe the educational project that you are proposing. Include the purpose of the project and information about which students and how many students will be affected by the project. Explain how the purpose of the project aligns with the Foundation’s mission.
  • Explain how the project will enhance and/or enrich the experiences of students. Please be specific in your response.
  • Provide details regarding the timeline for implementation (should grant funds be awarded), when an impact on students’ experiences will be evident, and when the anticipated outcomes for students will become available.
  • Explain how and when feedback will be provided to the Foundation on the implementation of the project, should a grant be awarded.

Additional Items

  • Please describe other avenues that have been pursued to secure financial support for this project.
  • Submit a proposed budget or itemization for the initiative. The budget or itemization should include all anticipated expenses for which you are seeking grant funds. Applicants should check with building principals and/or facility staff, as applicable, to determine if any facility or infrastructure changes are necessary to implement the initiative (e.g. electrical or water lines needed). Any associated facility or infrastructure costs should be included in the proposal.
  • Applicant sign off/date

To access the application:

  1. Log into Frontline Professional Development (MLP)
  2. Click on Forms -> Professional Staff Forms from the left side menu items
  3. Choose Grant Application under PVSD Foundation Grant to complete and submit the application.

The Foundation will let requesters, building principals, the Office of the Assistant Superintendent, and the PVSD Business Office know of all decisions within 3 days of the Board Meeting. If approved, the letter will include approval status, the amount awarded, and any limitations or requirements governing the use of any awarded funds.

The PVSD Business Office will prepare and provide the necessary and appropriate documentation for each awarded applicant, including the ASN number, to access the grant money. Applicants must comply with the Business Office procedures and requirements or the grant award may be forfeited.

The PVSD Business Office will periodically reconcile accounts to determine the amount of grant funds utilized in comparison to the actual awards. Absent extenuating circumstances, any grant funds that are not used by the grantees within one calendar year following the award will be returned to the accounts of the Foundation for other use.

Below are some questions the Foundation will ask in a follow-up conversation. Because the nature of grants varies significantly, follow-up questions and frequency might look different for each grantee.

  • Were your objectives in applying for the grant met? Please explain.
  • How have your students benefited from the grant? Please note any additional unanticipated benefits that were achieved
  • Describe any obstacles you encountered and what effect, if any, they had on the success of your grant.
  • In what ways has your experience with the granted project affected your teaching? Has it influenced other staff members or students and/or changed the basic curriculum?
  • What recommendations do you have for the Foundation that would improve the grant process?
  • Are you still using the grant? Is it as useful as when you received it?
  • How has the grant impacted your students?
  • Have you seen any additional benefits that were achieved through the grant?