Thank you for your interest in supporting the PVSD Foundation through a donation.

Teachers don’t always have access to materials, technology, and other resources that can make the difference between a lesson forgotten the next day and one that lasts beyond graduation. That’s where you come in. Your contribution to the PVSD Foundation’s annual campaign will help ensure that the Foundation can continue to support teachers in their delivery of enriching educational opportunities for all students when tax dollars and traditional streams of revenue fall short.

All donations are tax-deductible because the PVSD Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


The PVSD Foundation is thankful for your support!


Please make checks payable to “PVSD Foundation”

PVSD Foundation
3 Iron Bridge Drive
Collegeville, PA 19426


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Another option to consider is an in-kind donation of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Please consult your financial advisor to determine if this kind of gift is right for you. If you would like to donate stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, please contact the Executive Director at


Odin Level ($1,000)


The Hickey Family

The Petersen Family

Thor Level ($500 - $999)


Ken & Tammy Fulmer

Ben Willenbecher

Loki Level ($100 - $499)


Michael Beattie

Stephanie Corey

Nicole Cunningham

Mark & Shelley Douglas

Ben Enters

Estee Lauder Companies

Mary Fenstermacher

Michael Fleming

Tarek Haider

Arvind Jagini

Johnson & Johnson Foundation

William Kairer

The Kolar Family

Bela Laliwala

Heather Lansford

Allyson Larish

Russ Larson

Chris Luc

Mark Marino

The Merck Foundation

Kelly Miller


Cory Rupe

Dr. Barbara Russell

Stacy Schimpf

Yen Schweers

Christy Smith

Amanda Stefanavage


Michele Vesci

Katerina Vlasakova

Donald Young

Explorer Level (<$99)


Anna Aiello

Tanya Arnold

Katharine Ashton

Patricia Baker

Allison Beal

Karen Becker

Nichole Bell

Kimberly Bender

Brad Boston

Jennifer Botzler

Amy Bowman

Sam Bruner

Emily Brock

Lauren Bronstein

Dominic Bruzzese

Michelle Buckman

The Butok Family

Julia Centrella

Allie Ciaverelli

Laurie Connor

The Craven Family

The Craze Family

Thomas Dearolf

Tristan DeFazio

Eve Deitz

Alicia Devlin

Jane DeWitt

Sarah Dibbern

Daniel & Cynthia Diccianni

Valerie Drury

Shaun Dupell

Michelle Evans

Erich Fenstermacher

Kathy FitzPatrick

Laila Fleischood

Nicole Frye

Jacquelyn Gallagher

Jenna Garwood

LeighAnn Gawel

Elise Gmitter

Charnelle Green

Kelly Greer

Harrison Grosso

Thomas Hales

Susan Hart

The Harter Family

George Heim

Jessica Helwig

Lori Hessdoerfer

Staci Hiergesell

The Hillegass Family

Lois Jerzewski

Junie Joachim

Rhonda Jones

Bridget Keeley

Kathryn Kelley

Jessica Kelly

Suzanne Kelso

Maggie Kovalski

Kimberly Krapf

Ashton Kupfer

Karen Lachenmayer

Heather Leibennsperger

Brian Libby

Tammy Liberi

Paul Lima

Terry & Amy Lindenmuth

Ryann Lindsay

Brisa Lobb

Jan Lopuski

Doryan Lorenz

Mary Lou Magyarits

Alexis Mariani

Julie Martiello

Mandy Martino

Jess Mecouch

Amy McCorkell

Debbie McDonough

The McLatchy Family

Maxwell McMenamin

Michelle Merschbach

Erika Meyers

Katie Miller

Kolette Montoya

Nina Morton

Donna Moser

Justin Moser

Matilda Newcomer

Benjamin Nickels

Lisa Nyaro

Robyn O’Connor

Jennifer Ott

Rabia Ozturk

Sarah Pathappillil

Nicole Patla

Marcele Paton

Sarah Pavlow

Robert & Gina Pessognelli

Natalia Pico

Steve Pileggi

Nathan Pradziad

Jody Pribbernow

Shante Quartlebaum

Erica Quigley

Chrissie Quinn

Delaney Reed

Michael Robinson

Kim Russo

Auria Sadowski

Umadhav Salapu

Liliana Salvato

Mark Scalley

Kenedy Schummer

Fany Sekelelo

Mary Serianni

Laura Sharon

Mary Jo Sherrock

Molly Shoemaker

Daniel Stasiv

Greg Sutton

Donna Taggart

Jiawei Tang

Tracy Tesfaye

Tammy Thorhauer

Dana Tighe

Rebecca Tischler

Heather Tracey

Sofia Venezia

Angela Volcsko

Gabriella Wallace

Sandra Waters

Dawn Watson

Laura White

Cooper Whitson

Zachary Williams

Zion Williams

Lauren Wills

Elizabeth Witt

Parker Yocum

*As of 5/31/2023