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Unveiling the Future of Learning: The Anatomage Table

Perkiomen Valley School District Foundation is thrilled to announce its latest campaign, aimed at revolutionizing education in Perkiomen Valley High School and providing students with an exceptional learning experience. We’re excited to introduce the “Anatomage Table Campaign” – a fundraising initiative that promises to shape the future of education within our district.


“My hope for the future is that we can offer students a focused track of study with advanced science electives. Having the latest technology in medical education, as used by clinical training programs across the country, can give PV students that head start when pursuing post-secondary training.” Dr. Kathleen Fitzhenry, PVSD Biology Teacher.

What is an Anatomage Table?

An Anatomage Table is a lifelike, interactive 3D anatomy visualization table that allows students to explore the human body (and various animals) in great detail.

This groundbreaking technology offers an immersive and engaging way to study anatomy, physiology, and medical procedures. It’s not just a table; it’s a window into the world of science and healthcare, offering an experience that textbooks and traditional teaching methods cannot match.

Why an Anatomage Table?

An Anatomage Table will make the anatomy classroom more humane by eliminating the need for preserved specimens such as cats, fetal pigs, starfish, and worms. Currently, cat specimens come from shelters, and most other animals used for dissection are farmed or the refuse of the commercial meat industry. By moving to an Anatomage Table, the anatomy classroom will not have to worry about storing preserved specimens and holding onto the waste a dissection creates.


An Anatomage Table will give Perkiomen Valley School District students the experience of learning anatomy from real organisms. The Anatomage Table would offer a clinical learning experience on actual human and veterinary specimens, with corresponding clinical scans and images, instead of models so learning is direct and immediate without the need to associate between organisms.

How can you help?

Perkiomen Valley School District Foundation is on a mission to raise funds for an Anatomage Table, but this comes at a cost. To fully implement the Anatomage Table, we are seeking to raise $125,000 and are rallying our community to assist us in this effort.

Donate: Your generous donations are essential to make this campaign a success. Every dollar contributes to providing our students with a world-class educational experience.

Spread the Word: Share our campaign with friends, family, and the community. The more people who know about our initiative, the closer we get to reaching our goal.

If you or your company are interested in supporting the Anatomage Table at a higher level, please get in touch with Perkiomen Valley School District Foundation Executive Director Kristin Craven at

As of 11.14.23