Unpack It

Unpack It is a project to support students facing challenging life events. Every school year, students and families work to overcome tremendous personal obstacles such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a pet, divorce or separation in the family, serious illnesses, moving, and so much more.


Unpack It will provide take-home totes to close the gap between home and school with resources for handling these challenging life events. Each tote will focus on one of nine significant life events often facing elementary-aged children (1. Sick Parent/Family Member 2. Disaster/Fire 3. Witnessing Violence/Trauma 4. Deployed Parent/Loved One 5. Incarcerated Parent/Loved One 6. Moving 7. Divorce 8. Grief 9. Loss of a Pet). The totes will support students in transferring skills while also helping to inform parents and families about ways to assist their children through this challenging time.


Each tote will include at least one children’s book, an activity to complete at home (along with any necessary supplies), calming items, tips for parents/caregivers, and related local resources. As families need them, these totes can be borrowed and kept at home briefly. Families will return the tote, the children’s book, and any other items noted on the tote for return. Resources, tips, and activity sheets will be left at home. Then, the tote will be replenished and ready in case another student needs it.

Support Projects like Unpack It

Teachers don’t always have access to materials, technology, and other resources that can distinguish between a lesson forgotten the next day and one that lasts beyond graduation. That’s where you come in. Your contribution to the PVSD Foundation helps ensure that the Foundation can continue to support teachers in delivering enriching educational opportunities for all students when tax dollars and traditional streams of revenue fall short.

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